Kansas Blog Roundup for May 23, 2008


The Kansas Meadowlark has a number of posts this week that merit reading by Kansans. Topekans Rally in Support of Canned Talk Show Host Jim Cates reports on the dismissal of Topeka’s conservative talk radio host. At least Topeka had such a talk show. Wichita has nothing like that. Kansas Parochial School Sued for Requiring English, the Official Language of Kansas reports on a lawsuit filed by four families in Wichita over their Catholic school banning the speaking of Spanish while at school. Second Oops! reports on a slip-up in an email sent by our governor Kathleen Sebelius.

Kansas Education writes about school choice in the article How Good is Your Public School?

At Neighborhood Watch Watch blogger Thomas Lessman also writes about Jim Cates, the Topeka talk radio show host: “The Jim Cates Show provided a community forum for people in Topeka, and he allowed anyone to call in and discuss issues of importance. Like everyone, Jim has his own views, but his show was never about HIS views – he allowed the public a chance to speak. Even when Jim disagreed with a caller, he was always respectful about it, but he made it a point to let people speak even if they have opposing views.” The full post is here: Jim Cates.

In the post What’s in a word?, the anonymous blogger at Stay Red Kansas highlights the Kansas Republican Party’s reporting about Barack Obama returning a campaign contribution of $50 from Kansas senatorial candidate Jim Slattery.

The Kansas Trunkline reports on the low approval ratings of the U.S. Congress and Kansas’s two Democratic house members: Nancy Boyda, Dennis Moore and the worst job performance ever. Also: an article reporting on a vote by Nancy Boyda in favor of limiting public-private competition at the Defense Department. “Nancy Boyda may claim to care about taxpayer savings, but actions are in direct contrast to that statement. She is also proving that she is in the back pocket of big labor.” The article is here: Boyda: Wasting taxpayer money.

The Kenig Konnection reports on the future plans of a young northeast Kansas politician: Ben Hodge to run for Barbara Allen’s state senate seat.

The Kansas Republican reports Shanan Guinn’s Clinton Connection: a True Burden for Nancy Boyda. Another article reports on the cost of governor Kathleen Sebelius’ quest for national prominence: The True Cost of Sebelius’ Green Agenda.

The Quiet Conservative writes about the Iraq War in Espousing Weakness and Inaction as a Virtue in War.

At Voice For Liberty in Wichita, these articles may be of interest: Wichita Public Schools: Open Records Requests Are a Burden, Rod Bremby’s Action Drove Away the Refinery, and Trash Franchising in Wichita and Sedgwick County.


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