Kansas Blog Roundup for May 30, 2008


Abortion politics were at the forefront in Kansas this week. Robert Novak’s column about Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius (A Pro-Choicer’s Dream Veep as printed in the Washington Post) revealed some previously-unknown information about the relationship between her and the notorious late-term abortion provider Dr. George Tiller of Wichita. The KRA comments and links to Novak’s column: Novak: A Vice-President of Abortion.

Kansas bloggers were quick to notice and expand on the story. The Kansas Meadowlark reports with this article that corrects Mr. Novak on a few details and expands greatly: Dinner for 6 or 20? Gov. Sebelius sold dinner, photos to highest bidder: Dr. George Tiller. At raubinandmegan.com, Raubin Pierce posts this entry: Gov’s Party:No Kids Allowed. The Kansas Republican posts several articles: Kathy Sebelius and George Tiller, Tillergate at Cedar Crest: “What’s for Dinner?”, and Baby Tartare Anyone? Some of these posts at The Kansas Republican contain altered photographs, one which, in my opinion, is tasteless. I would urge center-right bloggers in Kansas to not use the same childish tactics that many left bloggers do.

The Kansas Trunkline wonders about the ethics of northeast Kansas congressman Dennis Moore in Taxpayers, Traveling and Dennis Moore and While the cat’s away, the mice break ethics rules? In a related post, The Kenig Konnection asks Where in the world is Dennis Moore?

Stay Red Kansas contributes a post about JOCO House Updates (that’s Johnson County, I believe).

The Kansas Meadowlark reports on energy policy in Kansas in GPACE PAC/Sebelius only want unreliable energy sources for Kansas? Also Jim Cates will have a radio show again, if only on the internet: Partial Victory: Cates Now Streamed Online.

The Voice For Liberty in Wichita posts a letter that urges Sedgwick County to forgo trash franchising: Sedgwick County Trash Franchising: On the Road to Economic Perdition. Public schools are again a topic there with these articles: Let’s Spend on Wichita School Facilities, But Not Maintain Them?, Wichita School Bond Issue: Who Is Running the Survey?, and Wichita Public Schools as a Public Good.


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