AFP Day at the Capitol, 2009 edition


AFP Day at the Capitol, March 9, 2009

Yesterday about 125 citizen activists gathered in Topeka for Americans For Prosperity Day in Topeka. About 45 left from Wichita on a bus at 6:00 am.

The morning and early afternoon sessions included speakers such as Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins, Earl Watkins, President & CEO of Sunflower Electric Power, Ray Merrick, Kansas House Majority Leader, Dr. Art Hall, Executive Director of the Center for Applied Economics at the University of Kansas, and Senator Tim Huelskamp.

The afternoon rally in on the capitol’s south lawn started just as the rain did. (Click here for photos, or here for an automatic sideshow.) The rain didn’t dampen the spirits of the protesters. Even Jason Croucher of the Kansas Jackass blog attended.


6 responses to “AFP Day at the Capitol, 2009 edition”

  1. Of course I attended- large groups of radicals in the rain is always more fun that sitting through general orders in the State Senate!

  2. Wendy

    Those who wrote the Declaration of Independence were radicals. I hope we all remember this every day, not just on the 4th of July! I was happy to be among the crowd cheering for Liberty and standing for freedom from government intervention!

  3. Wichitator

    The legislators need to hear more from these folk. Sadly, they spend more time hearing from advocates for higher taxes and spending.

  4. Benjamin

    Looked at the pics. Didn’t see any radicals.

  5. Susan

    Great pics Bob!

  6. Dick Miller

    We were there from Manhattan. Thanks for sharing. Looking for more info on the Washington Tea Party in September.

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