Free Speech May Cost Kansas Citizen $7500


The Kansas Meadowlark reports on a troubling situation at the Kansas Governmental Ethics Commission.

As reported in the story, Kansans may be faced with two unpleasant options:

If you uncover corruption of violations of campaign finance statutes, you will be forced to choose between two difficult options.

1. Either turn the matter over to the Ethics Commission and surrender your right to ever discuss the matter publicly again and risk having the Ethics Commission bury the matter forever; or

2. Preserve your right to discuss the matter freely but forego seeing the matter investigated and justice served.

The entire story is on the Meadowlark’s site at “Free Speech” May Cost Kansas Citizen $7500.


2 responses to “Free Speech May Cost Kansas Citizen $7500”

  1. James

    I wonder if this will be reported in the MSM?

  2. There is no way the corrupt Kansas Governmental Ethics Commission is going to silence me. Citizens of the state of Kansas have the constitutional right to know when they are being looted.

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