Kansas Education Lobby Always Prowling for Tax Dollars


In Topeka, the Kansas Association of School Boards rarely misses an opportunity to reach deeper into the taxpayer’s pocket. The same goes for the Kansas National Education Association, the teachers union.

Here’s a report from one of these groups: “In the Senate Assessment and Taxation Committee it was KASB lobbyist Mark Tallman representing both organizations in support of the reauthorization of the 20 mill statewide property tax levy for schools. This has to be done every two years. Tallman suggested that a one mill increase in the statewide mill levy would equal about $47 per pupil on BSAPP [base state aid per pupil] and such a modest increase could offset most of the $66 cut that was in SB 23.”

Despite the fact that some school districts such as Wichita will spend $13,000 per student this year, another $47 is needed, according to the education lobby.

And they still talk about greedy Republicans not wanting to adequately fund schools.


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