Good news coming for Wichita, says Brownback top aide


Speaking at the Wichita Pachyderm Club luncheon today, David Kensinger, Chief of Staff for Kansas Governor Sam Brownback, said that Brownback will be in Wichita Tuesday “with a very specific announcement as relates to jobs in the aviation industry.”

He said that Wichita, as of a week ago, had the best facilities, workforce, and best supply chain for aviation manufacturing. That is still true today, he said. If Boeing doesn’t want to utilize this asset, there are others in the marketplace who will.

“Kansas will grow, Wichita will grow, Wichita aviation will grow,” he told an appreciative audience.

Later he told the audience that based on Tuesday’s announcements, and subsequent announcements, “you will see Kansas, and Wichita, and Wichita aviation employment grow.”

He also said that two companies are preparing to invest $5 billion in Kansas over the next five years to use hydraulic fracturing to produce natural gas and oil. He cited a study that shows that each $1 million spent on energy production produces 1.2 direct jobs and a total of 4.9 jobs when indirect jobs are included. This, he said would result in 25,000 new high-wage jobs.


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