Jean Schodorf a candidate for Congress?


I just received a tweet from Jean Schodorf, a Republican member of the Kansas Senate from northwest Wichita:

“JeanSchodorf Special announcement regarding 4th Congressional District, 2day from 12-1 @ the Midtown Resource Center. 1150 N. Broadway. Lunch Provided”

Schodorf’s record in the senate is one of taxing and spending. In 2008, her rating by the Kansas Taxpayers Network was 29%. Several senate Democrats did better.

She’s also voted against legislation allowing the coal plant, although she did vote for the compromise bill.

So a question I have — seriously, sort of — is in which party she’ll choose to run.

What’s interesting to me is this question: Does this foreshadow an entrance by television newsman and producer Bill Kurtis (her brother) into the race for Kansas governor? He’s said no, he’s not interested.

Update: Wichita Eagle coverage is at Schodorf explores Congress run.


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  1. Kelly Horten

    Senator Schodorf actually ended up voting for the compromise FOR the coal plant. Just thought I would correct that.

  2. Thank you, Kelly. That’s why I said she voted against it. but your clarification is indeed correct.

  3. Cybex

    The race for the 4th congressional district is wide open as neither Pompeo or Kelsey have charisma. Schodorf is not much better in this area, but will draw from the moderate wing of the Republican party and gender vote. The race between these three will not be very exciting so look for more candidates to sign up. Pompeo has the edge over the other two since he can fund his own campaign. Kelsey will commit some personal cash too, but “who is Kelsey?”. Schodorf will have almost zero cash. Any candidate with some “Name ID” will move to the front of these three immediately. Where are you Bob Knight and Carlos Mayans?

  4. Kelly Horten

    I would have to disagree with the last comment. Schodorf was actually designated last election as the best fundraising candidate. She has been a Senator for 10 years and on the USD 259 school board for another 11. I think if anyone has the name recognition it would be her. Pompeo has a slight advantage because him and his friends have deep pockets, but he has no experience to run on at all. Schodorf will be a candidate to look out for. She also has a strong connection with S.E Kansas, more than any other candidate.

  5. Pat

    Pompeo has as much charisma as Schodorf and a ton more than Kelsey. Having said that, only fools base their vote on charisma. Having attended several meet and greets with Pompeo and listening to his message, I’d say he’s a strong candidate and should not be discounted.

  6. Cybex

    Politicians tend to create in their own mind a certain intimacy with the voters that may not be shared by the electorate. A fundraising star in the Ks. Senate may not necessarily transalate in being able to raise sufficient funds for a congressional race. All political candidates running for office next year will have the following financial challenges: a) the down economy; the high profile offices in play (Senate and Governor) will “soak-up” the big money; Republicans and Democrats have not inspired confidence in the voters that they will help people ahead of themselves. The silver lining is that with Brownback at the top of the ticket and the Democrats mismanaging the economy there will be tremendous Republican turnout and whether you have money or not you will be helped by the tsunami that may materialize.

  7. Kelly

    I completely agree with cybex. And Pat…. I will have to agree to disagree. Pompeo may have an opinion, but it is experience and a record that proves you are a good candidate. Example: In some meet and greets he says he is pro-life, in others….not so much. Besides, the real election won’t start until 3 months before next August.

  8. Clark

    Where is Susan Wagle?

  9. Pat

    I’m hearing Wagle is going to announce in August. Whether she does or not remains to be seen.

    Kelly, guess I’m also looking at experience. Pompeo is not a career politician either. As a small businessman, he has first hand knowledge of the crap small businesses have to deal with. He’s been successful in the private sector and his credentials are impressive. Harvard Law School and number 1 in his class at West Point. I’d say he’s no mental midget.

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