Howard Dean lies about Sarah Palin


I’m really not comfortable defending Sarah Palin, so this is more about Howard Dean and how the left lies.

Today, while watching the former governor of Vermont on MSNBC television, I heard Dean say this about Sarah Palin: “…and I don’t think she can see Russia from her house.”

But Palin never said such a thing. Tina Fey, portraying Palin, did. It was funny when she said it. It was great and biting satire.

To Howard Dean, however, that evidently counts as a fact.

He then went on to tell lies about health care, but that will have to be covered in another post.


6 responses to “Howard Dean lies about Sarah Palin”

  1. Larry

    When will he come clean about his extra kid? All the way clean?

  2. Showalter

    Close as 14 or 16 miles Russia to AK, maybe she could.

  3. But Palin didn’t say that. Tina Fey did.

  4. Don

    Please, is this really an issue for you? Don’t be so dense. You’re correct: she did not say the exact phrase “I can see Russia from my house.” But is that the point?

    What she did say was that she had a special insight to foreign policy since Russia is so close to Alaska. Completely inane, as I suspect you agree. Tina Fey may have exaggerated it for comedic effect. However, anyone with a brain understands the larger point that she was enormously unqualified and this was merely an example of the pathetic attempts of the campaign to mask that. Whether the phrase was that “she” could see Russia “from her house” or not is completely irrelevant.

  5. Bob Weeks

    I think the point, Don, is that Howard Dean thinks she said it, and is willing to use it as evidence of her lack of fitness to serve.

    Perhaps it is Howard Dean that lack a brain. Or a moral compass, at least.

  6. Heywood

    Sarah Palin is a certifiable nutcase. Her endless string of lies and hypocrisy just keeps growing…

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