Josh Svaty named Secretary of Agriculture


Today Kansas Governor Mark Parkinson appointed Josh Svaty, a member of the Kansas House of Representatives as acting agriculture secretary. Svaty is a Democrat from Ellsworth.

His record as a legislator is clear: he’s in favor of big government taxation and spending.

In 2003, Svaty earned a rating of 10% from the Kansas Taxpayers Network. He voted to raise income and sales tax by $230 million. He also voted to raise a number of fees for various licenses.

In 2004, he voted for income, sales, and property tax hikes. He also voted against efforts to limit spending growth. This earned him a KTN rating of 0% for that year.

In 2005, his KTN rating was 25%. he voted against protecting taxpayers from judicial spending edicts stemming from the Montoy school finance decision.

2006, his rating from KTN was 30%. He voted in favor of protection from eminent domain seizure of property — a good vote for those concerned with individual liberties.

In 2007, his KTN rating was 25%.

His overall lifetime rating is 19%, making Josh Svaty not a friend of the Kansas taxpayer.


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