Raj Goyle’s lecturing at Wichita State University sporadic


Raj Goyle, a Democratic member of the Kansas House of Representatives, has recently announced that he is a candidate for the U.S. Congress seat for the fourth district of Kansas. That’s the seat being vacated by Todd Tiahrt.

His website, in announcing his candidacy, states: “In addition to his legislative duties, Goyle serves as a lecturer at Wichita State University.”

Past versions of his campaign website have him mentioning “… the same values that guide me every day in my career as a lecturer at Wichita State University, attorney, and active member of the Wichita community.” (emphasis added)

While perhaps satisfying the technical description of a lecturer at Wichita State University, his career as that is spotty. According to records received from WSU, Goyle was a lecturer teaching a single class in the university’s honors program during the Fall 2006 semester. According to the same records, he hasn’t worked at WSU since. He’s scheduled to teach a class in the Fall 2009 semester, again a single class in the honors program.

His work schedule for the semester he was employed by WSU was light. The Fall 2006 class, titled “Politics/Public Policy” met from 1:00 to 2:45 on Wednesdays. The class scheduled for Fall 2009 is titled “White House” and will meet from 1:00 to 3:00, again only on Wednesdays.

Here’s another quote from Goyle’s campaign website: “In teaching at Wichita State I am helping to educate and shape our city’s youth while maintaining a deep commitment to public service and civic involvement.”

The clear intent of these statements is to represent Goyle as someone actively and continuously employed by the university. Someone with a career, in Goyle’s own words. An examination of his record, however, leads to a different conclusion.


7 responses to “Raj Goyle’s lecturing at Wichita State University sporadic”

  1. James

    Typical politician.

  2. Typical politician is quite correct. I am not at all impressed with this guy! Well at least he didn’t claim to be a Constitutional Professor like Obama did….and at least WL was able to unearth the truth about Goyle.

    The only thing about the guy are his connections in the Democratic Party that concern me. Money!

  3. I agree with the political concerns about Raj Goyle, but I will point out that the title “Lecturer” in the university scene often implies that the person in question is not a full-time employee of the school, so the claim itself may not be invalid, though the intent may well be to beef up his resume.

  4. Wichitator

    State representative Goyle has a typical big government record as a public official too. In 2008 his Kansas Taxpayers Network vote rating was under 30%. While that’s not the worst among 165 KS legislators, it is an indication that he is a left-wing politician despite he and his new media’s allies claims to describe him as a “moderate.”

  5. Anonymous

    Who really cares? If he worked there for 3 years teaching one class or if he worked there for 1 year teaching three classes there is no difference, either way he is a lecturer at the University. Would you have preferred him to say “at one point I lectured at WSU and will again lecture there in the Fall.” Its semantics, not worth an article.

  6. Anonymous

    Goyle taught one class in fall 2006, while he was running for the Kansas House. He has not taught one class in the five semesters since. Now when he decides to run for Congress, he is teaching a class again.

    What is the class? It has a vague title, “Political Science Workshop”, and students need the instructor’s personal permission to take the class.

    Sounds like a “get college credit for working on my campaign” class.

  7. Corey

    And so that’s a bad thing?

    If this is the best you can come up against him (besides the underground smears about “not a real Kansan because he’s not White” stuff), then it acutally gives me hope that Raj Goyle might have a shot.

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