Wichita tea party planned to protest government-run health care


WICHITA — Healthcare is the focus of another round of tea parties taking place this week across the country. The Kansas chapter of the grassroots group Americans for Prosperity will organize a rally this Friday in Wichita.

The Wichita protest, at 11 a.m. Friday, July 17 outside Sen. Sam Brownback’s office (245 N. Waco, Wichita), will be held simultaneously with hundreds of other local tea parties nationwide outside the offices of members of Congress.

“We believe that patients lose when Washington gets involved in our healthcare decisions,” said AFP-Kansas field director Susan Estes. “We have to pay for it somehow, and the taxpayers in this country simply can’t afford the bill that comes with a nationalized healthcare system.

“Too often, people seem to think of this as ‘free’ healthcare for everyone, but we know that’s just not true.”

The tea party aims to thank members of the Kansas Congressional delegation for opposing government-run healthcare because of its financial cost, and what it will mean to the quality of our healthcare.

“We are proud to join Senators Brownback and Roberts, as well as Representatives Jenkins, Moran and Tiahrt in fighting government-run healthcare because we fear it will mean more than just tax increases for Americans,” Estes said. “This will lead to fewer choices for patients and government interference in decisions that are best left to a patient with his or her doctor.”

Americans for Prosperity has launched a new website and online petition to educate citizens about nationalized healthcare. To learn more, visit www.joinpatientsfirst.com.


4 responses to “Wichita tea party planned to protest government-run health care”

  1. Doug

    That’s odd, nobody is proposing government run health care. I’m supposing you mean government run health insurance, but since when do Cons know what they are talking about?

  2. Either way, it’s the first step to total government involvement and control.

  3. […] care. This Friday I’ll be attending a rally titled “Hands Off My Health Care.” (See Wichita tea party planned to protest government-run health care for details about the Wichita […]

  4. Doug

    Yeah, we can spend billions to kill foreigners but we just never have anything to save American lives. You sound about as informed as the typical Republican/Libertarian (i.e., not at all). Might as well rehash to old Reagan paranoid about medicare and medicaid, two programs that work better than the fake market system.

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