Kansas alternative media discussed on Kansas Week


Bob Weeks discusses the difficulty of alternative media obtaining press credentials at the Kansas Legislature. From the KPTS public affairs television program Kansas Week on June 26, 2009. Tim Brown is the host. Randy Brown, Senior Fellow in the Elliott School of Communication at Wichita State University also appears.

Read the story behind this by clicking on Kansas alternative media shut out of legislative access.


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  1. Great job, Bob!

  2. Showalter

    Good one BOB, Keep up the good fight ! Showalter Micropower 2009 !

  3. George Griffith

    I found your comment on the amount you feel that education was truly cut uninformed. The use of federal funding is very limited through the Title programs. The amount my district receives an amount equivelent to 2% of my budget and can only be used for very limited expenses. I am going to have a difficult time even spending all of the additional stimulus money which is less than 2% of my budget. What is going to happen when the $218 per student “full time equivalency” (FTE) that comes from stablization fundsgoes away for the 2011 school year? Our legislature is so worried about their political careers and meeting the needs of special interests groups like AFP that are funded buy wealthy the “haves” that they are willing to sacrifice the future of our students. First I too hate paying taxes and don’t want to pay more; however, we need to pay for what we need and if that means paying more so be it. We need to quit driving a wedge between different groups who need services by saying things like other services to elderly and others are being cut so they education should be cut too. I think we need to adequately fund what is needed and stop pitting those that need services against each other. Our state government has provided tax cut our way into this mess. There are 29 states who that is not in the situation Kansas is in and cutting taxes becasue of a surplus is irresponsible when the revenue is less than what is being spent. Based on information from the Federation of Tax Administrators website, state tax revenue from 2008 placed Kansas 25th out 50 as far as taxes collected from personal income so why cut more?

  4. Sadly Bob you did not include msplaceddemocrat.com as alternative Kansas reporting. I may not get recognition for being a Kansas blogger state wide but I am gaining national recognition. I have appeared on the Glenn Beck and I regularly provide them current research on ACORN.

    Since ACORN is not operational in Kansas, my most recent research focused on St. Louis. This morning I appeared on the G. Gordon Liddy show. My research on St. Louis, MO has been recognized by the Matthew Vadum, senior editor for Capitol Research Center as well.

    My most recent post includes a letter from Todd Tiahrt. The letter includes references to ACORN and their partnership with the 2010 Census.

    I recently covered the problems with the Census address collection in Western Kansas. While my blog covers national items there is some Kansas reporting.

  5. James

    I’m a regular reader of both msplaced and Wichita Liberty. While I appreciate both sites, I don’t understand msplaced being upset with Bob for not mentioning her site. Clearly you are getting attention and good press, so why do you need Bob to promote your site? Further, I watched the Fox News video of you on Glenn Beck… on Wichita Liberty. The previous post and this video were about the Kansas Senate and House and press credentials, something I don’t think you have tried to attain. And as you say yourself, you focus on national stories and have been receiving national press attention, so why be upset over a local PBS program? I’m sure Bob did not go to the station with a talking points list of blogs he needed to mention. He also didn’t mention Kansas Meadowlark, which has been a steadfast Kansas blog for years, even before Wichita Liberty I believe, exposing the Kansas political money scheme. And I don’t see meadowlark getting upset.

    So let’s all be glad for the press the movement receives, regardless of who it’s about. Let’s stay focused. I enjoy the information I find on both sites. It’s about the cause and the truth, not individuals.

    Thanks for listening.

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  7. […] reporting by me on this issue is at Kansas alternative media shut out of legislative access and Kansas alternative media discussed on Kansas Week. The latter story contains video of my appearance on the KPTS television public affairs program […]

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