Kansans will be hurt by global warming bill


The Waxman-Markey climate bill, soon to be considered by Congress, will harm all Americans. Here’s a look at what it would cost Kansans. Two examples:

Higher cost for energy. “An average family could pay an additional $1,500 a year for energy.”

Fewer jobs: “For Kansas this could mean a loss of 22 thousand jobs just a few years from now. If those jobs were lost today it would increase Kansas’ unemployment rate from 6.1 percent to 7.6 percent.”


5 responses to “Kansans will be hurt by global warming bill”

  1. Larrys notes

    Cap and Tax as most of us call it will hurt EVERY state and your pay check. Showalter Micropower where are you? Coal needs your HELP !

  2. Ann H.

    It is so depressing the House passed this. We MUST stop it in the Senate! Thank goodness we have two Senators who will show some sanity on this one.

  3. Larry

    How are the windmills running on this hot day? Im not in K.S. and I really dont know. 6/27/09 3:23 pm WV time

  4. Locke

    @ Larry,

    Its about 96 degrees and about 2mph wind right now. Barely enough wind to move the leaves on the trees.

    I believe it takes about 10mph to even start up the windmills so the answer to how they’re running is they’re not! Thankfully we have coal/natural gas to keep the AC on today.

  5. Larry

    Locke, Thank you very much for the info. :)

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