Kansas bill would forbid taxpayer-funded pleas for tax increases


A bill just introduced in the Kansas Legislature by Representative Joe Patton, a Topeka Republican, would bar taxpayer-funded lobbying for tax increases. The bill is House Bill 2622, captioned “an act concerning the use of public funds for lobbying.”

The bill is very short, the important part being: “No taxpayer funds shall be used for the purpose of employing or contracting for the services of any person whose duty and responsibility includes lobbying for a tax increase.”

Taxpayer-funded lobbying is a problem. In 2008 Alan Cobb — at that time Americans For Prosperity Kansas State Director — wrote an op-ed explaining the harm of taxpayer-funded lobbying. In it he wrote: “It’s proper for private citizens and groups to petition their government, but should one government be ‘petitioning’ another? Do you agree with the things they are lobbying for? Do you even know?”

I’d guess that most citizens don’t know about this, and that many would not agree with what their tax dollars are being used to push on the legislature.

While the bill uses the word “person,” many organizations that are funded by taxpayers lobby for tax increases. An example would be the Kansas Association of School Boards (KASB), which is funded primarily by dues paid by member school boards. Those payments come from tax dollars. This bill would block those lobbying activities by those organizations, because it is people that do the actual lobbying, and the bill forbids that.

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2 responses to “Kansas bill would forbid taxpayer-funded pleas for tax increases”

  1. Ann H.

    The corruption that goes on that we don’t know about it disgusting. I fully support this bill and will contact my House member to support it. Little chance he will do so, though, being a Democrat.

  2. sue

    Voting for this bill should be a “no brainer” for our elected officials who were sent to the statehouse to work for us, the taxpayer. But, as we see more than we would like, brains are not a requirement for holding “public” office.

    I do hope they will get some sort of epiphany, and vote to protect taxpayers from being sued by our own taxpayer dollars, to get more taxpayer dollars outta us!

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