Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius: Different from You and I


Do different laws exist for Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius and the rest of us? (At least the conservatives and libertarians among us?)

The Kansas Meadowlark reports this: “Apparently Sebelius is exploiting a loop hole in Kansas law in using her PAC to attack conservatives. The Kansas Governmental Ethics Commission said a similar new ‘Leadership’ PAC with ties to conservative House Majority Leader Ray Merrick could not exist.”

Read the Meadowlarks’s full report at Gov. Sebelius’ Bluestem Fund “Leadership” PAC attacks conservatives.


3 responses to “Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius: Different from You and I”

  1. Vote Conservative

    The media has definitely decided different rules apply to her. I remember the gnashing of teeth when Brownback missed votes so he could run for President. But when Sebelius runs around, even when it’s not her own campaign, the media never says a word.

  2. Bob Weeks

    There has been a little coverage recently, as on the Wichita Eagle blog post:


  3. Bob Weeks

    There was also this Wichita Eagle editorial:


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