Why the Kansas Senate Leadership is Still There


When Kansans wonder why the leadership of the Kansas Senate is so often out of step with the rest of Kansas, look south of Wichita for the answer. As a Winfield Courier article reports, Winfield Democrat Greta Goodwin is often the vote that keeps the present moderate Republican senate leadership in office.

For some reason, voters in their districts keep re-electing Senate Vice President and Judiciary Committee Chair John Vratil, R-Leawood, and Senate President Steve Morris, R-Hugoton to office. About the best we can hope for this year is that they’re not re-elected to their leadership positions.

This is especially true in the case of Morris. The post Morris in the NY Times: Coal Plants the “only major disagreement” he’s had with Sebelius sums it up well.

The Winfield Courier article is ’21st Senator’ Greta Goodwin seeks her fourth term in office. Related: Morris, Vratil appear to endorse Democrat for reelection.


4 responses to “Why the Kansas Senate Leadership is Still There”

  1. Frank Furter

    Vratil and Morris are a couple of dolts.

  2. Vote Conservative

    If you can’t vote in Senate 32, send a check to Abrams! http://www.drsteveabrams.com It may be one of the best investments around in today’s market!

  3. Hope

    One of the reasons that Sen. Goodwin is in bed with the moderate Republicans is that she had a financial interest (along with former Senate President Dick Bond) in the apartments that were build to house the disabled after the closing of the Windfield State Hospital. That was a money making deal for her and moderate Sen. Bond.

  4. Cybex

    Hope is correct! The closing of Windfield State Hospital was designed to “community base” the residents of the hospital which were being housed at the state hospital at a cost of $200 a day. Soon, it became apparent that a few well connected people in the legislature realized a program to “make money” off the caring of people with disabilities. Sen. Bond created an LLC to own the apartments and a non-profit to run the program. Rep. Goodwin (an angry liberal democrat) was allowed to share in the “juice” of the project.

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