Kansas Legislator offers more rebuttal of Kansas Senate President Morris


Recently Kansas Senate President Stephen Morris wrote an op-ed in which he explained the legislature’s reasons for passing a one cent per dollar increase in the statewide sales tax. That tax started on July 1. His piece may be read at State of the State KS.

Not everyone agrees with Morris. Derrick Sontag of the Kansas Chapter of Americans for Prosperity weighed in at For Kansas Senate President Stephen Morris, raising taxes is responsible.

Now Kansas House of Representatives member Steve Brunk, a Republican from Bel Aire, offers another rebuttal of Morris in his article Tax increase was neither necessary nor responsible.

Brunk mentions two sources of revenue that could have been tapped to help the state make it through a shortfall: utilizing unused fund balances and selling a small portion of state-owned assets. Advocates of government spending opposed both proposals.

Tax increase was neither necessary nor responsible

By Steve Brunk

In a recent editorial, “Legislature took responsible path,” State Senator Stephen Morris from Hugoton wanted to set the record straight regarding the final budget and tax increase enacted by the legislature for next year. He concluded that after listening to Kansans in every corner of the state the only responsible way to move forward was with a tax increase. He also stated that some lawmakers chose not to be part of the solution and are spreading false information to frighten Kansans.

I would like to offer a different viewpoint.

It’s true that during this recession the state faced revenue shortfalls from the proposed budgets approved by the Governor. But that doesn’t tell the whole story.

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2 responses to “Kansas Legislator offers more rebuttal of Kansas Senate President Morris”

  1. Wichitator

    Senate President Steve Morris is a tax ‘n spend liberal who has regularly voted to raise a large number of Kansas taxes. He has repeatedly voted to raise gasoline, sales, business, excise, and other taxes. He has also voted to raise a bunch of state fees too.

    If Steve was in Washington, he’d fit right in with the Obama administration’s tax ‘n spend policies. The state’s budget has soared under Morris’ leadership until the economy collapsed and with it, state revenues.

  2. sue c.

    I agree with Derrick and Rep. Brunk.

    In Kansas many “Republicans” claim that party in order to win their seats. But they are really tax and spend liberals.

    It is time for the citizens of Kansas to understand this ploy and stop it from happening any more. We all need to insist these “posers” remove themselves from the Republican party.

    Vote Conservative.

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