Kansas fourth district poll shows Pompeo lead, Hartman drop


A new poll of candidates seeking the Republican Party nomination for United States Congress from the fourth district of Kansas shows Wichita businessman Mike Pompeo maintaining a lead over his chief rival, Wichita businessman Wink Hartman.

The poll, produced by Oklahoma City consulting firm Cole Hargrave Snodgrass & Associates on behalf of the Pompeo campaign and conducted July 6th through 8th, shows Pompeo leading Hartman 27 percent to 21 percent.

While other recent polling has shown Pompeo’s support increasing, this poll is the first that shows a decline in Hartman’s support. That decline, according to the Pompeo poll, has taken place since the end of May, when the campaign had a previous survey conducted.

These results are largely compatible with polls conducted by SurveyUSA, an independent agency not connected with any campaigns. These polls showed Pompeo increasing his numbers rapidly after starting in a near-tie with Kansas Senator Jean Schodorf and Kansas Senator Dick Kelsey, who has since withdrawn from the race for family reasons.

Conducted near the end of June, the SurveyUSA poll showed Pompeo and Hartman in a statistical tie, with numbers far above the other candidates. A June poll released by the Schodorf campaign showed Pompeo and Hartman in the lead, but with a larger number of undecided voters than other polls showed.

As with all such polls, we need to remember that polls produced and released by campaigns are just that, and the results would probably not be released by a campaign if the results did not portray the candidate favorably.

Kansas fourth Congressional district poll resultsKansas fourth Congressional district poll results

The candidates for this nomination and their campaign websites are Wichita businessman Jim Anderson, Wichita businessman Wink Hartman, Wichita businessman Mike Pompeo, Latham engineer Paij Rutschman, and Kansas Senator Jean Schodorf.


4 responses to “Kansas fourth district poll shows Pompeo lead, Hartman drop”

  1. liberty4all

    Although I would normally agree that “candidate” funded polls usually favor the candidate, in this case I tend to think the results are most likely legitimate.

    If one tracks the poll results from November, it clearly shows the lead of Hartman and Schodorf over Pompeo. Much like the other polls showed.

    Early in the campaign, Schodorf had popularity because of her name recognition. Wink got notoriety for his continuous onslaught of ads. So then he got the name recognition.

    As Pompeo has gotten his message out, and the voters are seeing him, they are now choosing him.

    It all makes sense.

    Notice none of the other campaigns are releasing their internal survey results. Except Schodorf, whose dramatic “rise” in her poll numbers compared to the other polls, made it questionable.

  2. Ann H.

    Speaking of polls, I got polled Sunday by KWCH in Wichita on the 4th district race. It was the first time I’ve ever been polled in my life. Did anyone see the results of this poll? Does anyone know if the results have come out yet? I don’t watch the news on TV so I don’t know if they talked about it, and I don’t see anything on the website yet.

  3. I think the results of that poll will be released on Thursday.

  4. Dave Parsons

    It is totaly absurd that Pompea spent neary 1 million on a job that pays 175,000 for 2 yrs, Wink at least half a million? I was just looking at donation data and it seem,s to be evident Pomeo has a lot of BIG out of state donors and Winky has money to Burn. I Also noticed he billed his campain for a catering job at “Iran Contra” Bud McFarland’s Mansion in D.C. for the same amount McFarland seems to be claiming to have Donated “IN-KIND” to the Pomp asz Coffers. It’s pretty clear that Pompy will have some big favors to repay to Wall Street(the ones who killed our economy) Wink just has to much cash for his own right wingnut good. With the 2 men claiming to know more about womens Bodies then they do, the Fat Cats sling Mud over ideals they will never have a say in (they dont look like wise Latina’s to me)Shodorf has spent about 69,000 and stayed the ISSUE course, its clear who has Budget expertise, Integrity and a Brain. It’s shaping up to be the Girls against the Guys, and Husbands arent allowed in the voting booth with Wives. Were it not for the Brave women who disobeyed there all knowing Husbands(HOW DARE THEY) You would not be voting today!
    Girls I think you all know who to vote for! Guys with more Brains then Semen we can push her over the top, unless of course you want a Ultra Liberal Pakistani in november

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