Kansas Smoking Ban Conflicts Wichita’s


Here’s a letter the Wichita Eagle printed from Wichita businessman Craig Gabel.

There are many reasons to oppose more smoking bans. The posts Testimony Opposing Kansas Smoking Ban, Haze Surrounds Wichita Smoking Ban, Property Rights Should Control Kansas Smoking Decisions, and It’s Not the Same as Pee In the Swimming Pool supply some background.

The issue that Craig mentions is important. Just last year some establishments such as his spent a great deal of money to install the equipment necessary to conform to the smoking ban that Wichita passes. Now, if a comprehensive ban passes at the state level, this investment is lost. There needs to be some provision for these businesses to be exempted or compensated.

By the way, did you know that the state exempted itself from the smoking ban when it appeared that it might hurt the state’s pocketbook? See Kansas Exempts Itself from Onerous Regulation.

Charlie Claycomb has compared a smoking section in a restaurant to a urination section in a swimming pool. Claycomb needs to come and speak with those of us who have spent thousands of dollars remodeling our restaurants this past year to comply with the city of Wichita’s smoking ordinance.

If lawmakers don’t want smoking, they should have the guts to outlaw smoking everywhere, as well as the sale of cigarettes. They know that if they did, their tenure in office would be limited to the next election. We don’t need any more liberal politicians pushing special-interest agendas and eating away at our personal freedoms “for our own good.”



3 responses to “Kansas Smoking Ban Conflicts Wichita’s”

  1. Bob

    These ban lobbyists are like snake oil salesmen, traveling the country with their BS. they have ABSOLUTLY NO CONCERN about local issues or businesses.


  2. Benjamin

    So the thoughts of a few dictate how thousands should live? Mr. Gabel along with many others here should be compensated 100% for the money spent on conversion. If you do not like places with smoking….go to Chuck E Cheese!

  3. Tiffany

    I agree with the argument for those who have spent big bucks to properly segregate smoking from no-smoking. On the other hand, I have difficulty breathing in places that allow smoking throughout. Because of this, I am frequently left out of get-togethers. Why can’t we meet in the middle? Separating the smoking section and installing separate ventilation systems allows smoker and non-smoker to enjoy the same establishment. Why is this so hard?!?

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