Kansas tax revenues not yet affected

Through the end of March 2020, Kansas state tax revenues have not seen the effect of the economic slowdown due to COVID-19.

Data from the State of Kansas shows that through March 2020, tax revenues to the state have not shown much effect from the economic slowdown in response to COVID-19.

Of the two major tax categories (individual income tax and retail sales tax), both were slightly above estimates. Total tax revenue was down slightly. A nearby table illustrates.

The major taxes that were below estimates were corporate income tax at $8.6 million below estimates, and insurance premium tax at $19.5 million below.

The interactive visualization of Kansas state tax collections has been updated through March and is available here.

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  • All this stimulus money that is being thrown around will have to be dealt with down the road.

    People always forget there is nothing like a “free hand out.”

    Wait till the tax bills hit the fan.

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