Kansas taxes have impact

Do Kansas taxes have an impact on business location decisions? Are Kansas taxes lower than surrounding states, as claimed by supporters of raising Kansas taxes?

Here’s an answer: “A QuickTrip store near the Kansas-Missouri line was rebuilt so the store and gasoline storage tanks were in Missouri to avoid higher taxes and more regulations in Kansas. One estimate is the store will save about $1.4 million a year from this short move.”

From Kansas Watchdog TV.


  • Typical. Taxes kill prosperity. Kansas is still the “high tax point on the plains” to paraphrase Karl Peterjohn and KTN. Sickening. What’s the matter with Kansas?…….Socialism! Left and Right.

  • You folks think we can un-tax ourselves into prosperity ?
    You are funnier than the Ron Paul people.

    Police, highway construction, school teachers, food inspectors.
    Contact your federal legislator and ask them to drop military funding and social security – its 40% of federal budget – http://yglesias.thinkprogress.org/archives/2009/04/what_do_federal_taxes_pay_for.php
    and make sure our state government refuses to accept any federal funds for anything.
    Let our schools become like those in Louisiana and people will flock here. Allow our highways to skip maintenance and driving from Wichita and Overland Park will take 8 hours not 3. How about those folks who worked on getting us vaccines this past fall ?
    Well since the medical facilities will be losing funding when your children get the flu or break a bone – might as well bury them now as there won’t be anywhere or anyone to care for them. Yummm

    Did you complain when the 435/Antioch and 435/69 interchanges were built ?
    Did you complain when your legislators supported a coal plant that will make children sick ( more medical expenses ), suck water from the aquifer ( less grain grown which ) ?
    Why not .. it will take money from your wallet/purse for the next 50 years.

  • Most rural states have the same challenges of low population, declining demographics, etc., and Kansas is no different. Growth in our government at the state and local levels is often dictated by federal mandates that provide no funding and give no consideration on a state’s financial ability to meet the mandate. Also, 60% of the state’s budget is for K-12 education, yet in these economic times, the local school districts want more and don’t want their budgets reduced.

    Given the current economic conditions, there really are few choices. Either raise taxes or cut services. Long-term, the state, county and city need to wean themselves from using federal funds because of all the strings attached. Those strings are what increases the cost of government.

    BTW, the drive from Wichita to KC will stay the same as long as the KTA stays independent.

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