In Kansas, the war on property rights

John Todd makes an appearance on The Voice of Reason with Andy Hooser to talk about proposed legislation in Kansas that would be harmful to private property rights. View below, or click here to view on YouTube. Recorded on March 16, 2017.

For more information on this important issue, see In Kansas, the war on blight continues: Kansas governments are trying — again — to expand their powers to take property to the detriment of one of the fundamental rights of citizens: private property rights.

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  • In Kansas, the war on Property Rights

    To sum up the interview you had with John Todd “the property rights of blighted property owners need to be protected”.
    WHY? These blighted properties drive down the value of ALL surrounding properties, blighted properties are a cancer for all neighborhoods. How are these neighbors rights protected?
    We have a blighted property in my neighborhood that the City has been involved with for over 20 years but have no power to really get anything done. Recently this property finally had to be condemned (roof and foundation falling in along with everything else), and will now be torn down. The neighboring property was sold last year after the owner passed away and the realtor told the family that the property lost at least 10% of its value due to the blighted neighboring property. What recourse do they have for the loss of property value?
    WHO are the real victims of blighted properties? It sure isn’t the owners.
    Please give the Cities some power to help the neighborhoods. Pass SB31

    Sam Lindeman

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