KU Study an Embarrassment to Sebelius


Writing in National Review, Denis Boyles says:

In the first study to measure the result of pouring all that money on the noggins of schoolkids, the University of Kansas’s Center for Applied Economics has released a study poetically entitled, “The Relationship between School Funding and Student Achievement in Kansas Public Schools.” The verdict? So far, the funding has produced “little evidence of improving student outcomes as measured by test scores.”


3 responses to “KU Study an Embarrassment to Sebelius”

  1. Cybex

    Gov Sebelius is working behind the scene to get herself named Chancellor at Ku. Her chief of staff Corcoran already has been named public relations for the KU athletic department.

  2. Benjamin

    Why does this state vote red for president then blue for govenor? Her obvious waiting for President Elect Obahhhhma to “throw her a cabinet bone” obviously showed where her head is and not on Kansas.

  3. wichitator

    This KU study follows other national studies that indicate that throwing $ at the government school monopoly does not improve student achievement.

    Will anyone bother to tell Judge Bullock or the 7 black robed “living constitution” lawyers sitting on the bench at the KS Supreme Court—oops Lawton Nuss probably got word on this while having an exparte lunch with some legislator.

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