Meeting to support Kansas medical marijuana legislation


Update: For coverage of the testimony presented at a legislative hearing, click on Medical marijuana testimony presented in Kansas house committee.

Representative Gail Finney, a Democrat who represents parts of east and northeast Wichita, has introduced a bill that would allow the use of medical marijuana in Kansas. On Friday there will be a “call to action meeting” in Wichita regarding this bill.

The meeting will be Friday, February 19th, at 2:00 p.m. The location is Watermark Books & Cafe downstairs meeting room. The address is 4710 East Douglas Ave., at the corners of Douglas and Oliver. The telephone number 316-682-1181.

Rep. Finney says that Chairwoman Rep. Brenda Landwehr of the Health and Human Services Committee has stated she will try to give the Medical Marijuana Bill a hearing after the Feb. 20th turnaround without a specified date. She also stated that she will not work the bill despite the hearing.

She added that without knowing whether or not there will be a hearing, a supportive group from different parts of Kansas has decided to meet. You are welcome to attend and provide suggestions. Or, if you can’t make it and would like to be included, please email me or give me a call.

Contact Rep. Finney at or 316-768-0615. The bill is HB 2610. There is an accompanying fiscal note.


6 responses to “Meeting to support Kansas medical marijuana legislation”

  1. Dismal Scientist

    We need this! The State Government has no right to tell me what I can or cannot put into my body. I hope that this becomes law!

  2. Hopefully this will become a bill and pass as it has in California and will everywhere else as American Politicians come to there senses.
    The money, manpower and lives wasted on this ridicules war on drugs or modern day prohibition is disgraceful and could easily be prevented. It is an unwindable war.

  3. tanR

    Yes Please. The penalty for smoking in this backwards state is phenomenal. The sick are being FORCED to take extremely dangerous (in comparison to marijuana) pills. I take a pill for nausea and acid reflux. Think for a second. I EAT a PILL for NAUSEA (sounds like a useful form of treatment if I’m looking to invoke more vomiting)…. Marijuana completely dispels my nausea, FACT. You cannot tell me otherwise, because I know my own body.
    Atleast there are some people in Kansas who can look past themselves, keep up the work and help the sick.

  4. Mike

    I find the timing of the “No Smoking” bills with respect to the “Legalize Marijuana” bills to be funnier than heck. I mean, most users of Marijuana smoke it, and we as a country are trying to legalize pot but make all smoking illegal. That’s kind of like handing out free condoms, and passing a law outlawing sex.

  5. mike

    hello i just wanted to say they need to make medical marijuana legal because i have seisures and i have hep.c taking pills messes with my liver It is really nice to not take pills that make me sick Its not all about the people What does the constition read we the people for the people and by the people ” Not by the gov”. Just tired of bending over and not even getting a kiss on the back of the neck. Have a great day .

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