Not All Agree With New Kansas Energy Plan


Currie Meyers of the Kansas Federalist has a few issues with Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebeliusenergy plan. I can’t link directly to Meyers’ article, so I’ll reproduce it in its entirety here.

Sebelius New Energy Plan Lacks Energy

Governor Kathleen Sebelius unveiled weak and pathetic energy proposals that she hopes will help Kansas capitalize on renewable energy. Standing beside her at the major news event was Lt.Gov. Mark Parkinson, whom has already announced he is not running for running for office. The Sebelius four-point legislative plan calls for:

Net Metering! Which would allow Kansas consumers to generate their own electricity, then sell the surplus they create back to the power companies. (The only energy I can produce on my own is Methane and she wants to tax that one! Maybe I can capture all the squirrels in my yard and place them in the wheel cage for energy. There is plenty since we can’t hunt varmints in the city. Oh, by the way, they tried this “Net Metering” idea in Missouri but consumers could not get insurance to cover liability of producing their own energy.) Next!

Setting into law the state’s existing voluntary renewable portfolio standard! The standard initially called for 10 percent of the state’s energy to come from renewable resources by 2010, a goal the state has already met. (If we have already met it and we are in a billion dollar deficient then what’s the benefit of making this into law? Except that liberals like laws, regulations and portfolios.) Next!

Requiring all new state buildings or leases meet energy-efficiency standards! (Which will actually cost more to taxpayers due to the capital improvements that will have to be done in order to change energy systems. And there also is a difference between energy efficient and green. Green is not always efficient.) Next!

Creating energy bond programs! So Kansas can attract solar and wind manufacturing jobs to our state. (How about tax abatements, low business taxes, low capital gains taxes and less business regulation instead? How about Coal, Natural Gas, Nuclear, Bio-Fuels?) Next!

This is the best energy proposal that our liberal government leaders can come up with? You have got to be kidding me! “It’s time we take the next step toward a clean energy future,” said Sebelius. No Governor, it’s time to lead! And this ain’t it!

Lead, follow or get out of the way! The citizens are waiting!


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  1. Isaac Shumard

    “Mark Parkinson, whom has already announced he is not running for running for office.”


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