Fireworks in Wichita


Fireworks in Wichita 2009

Here’s a slide show of some photographs I took of neighborhood fireworks on Independence Day. It’s a challenge to take photographs of fireworks, at least for me, and a good dose of luck is needed to get just the right shot.

For the slide show, click here.


6 responses to “Fireworks in Wichita”

  1. Benjamin

    They look good! Better job than I can usually get.

  2. Clark


  3. Larry

    Great photos, reminds me of the place…..what was it called ? USA? America? Something like that, its only been like two years or so. How far that place has fallen. What did they speak of ? I cant remember. America….America… damn I can not recall how it went any help?

  4. Larry

    Im sorry for that last rant, just pissed.

  5. Ann H.

    I know the feeling, Larry. I had a lot of conflicting emotions on July 4. Conflicted in that I felt proud of the principles and promise our country was founded on and all the good things it has achieved, and on the other hand feeling like it was sort of a farewell party.

  6. Kanservative

    Great Pictures, Bob…..much better than I could do. Some of them remind me slides for a microscope……others almost resemble birds’ plummage! Thanks for sharing!

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