When A Records Request Fails


When a citizen makes a records requests and the records that were received don’t match the request, what should the citizen do?

The records I received match the request I made in that they relate to the governmental entity and its relationship to a certain business, but they are for a time period much older than what I requested. Further, what wasn’t supplied to me are documents that I am certain exist, and would be dated within the time frame I specified.

Do citizen records requests come with a warranty?


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  1. Brent Wistrom

    You should grab the phone and take the records custodian to task for not supplying the requested information. Often times, a friendly conversation works because some times there can be miscommunication between records custodians and the employees who actually produce or file the records. Then there are those other times where a slight problem with the request — for example if the company changed its name at some point — that can leave you without what you’re looking for. If you feel you are purposely being misled, contact the Kansas Attorney General’s Office. Once the AG begins asking the local government questions, you’ll likely get results quick.

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