Another Republican Congressional candidate forum


This Friday, January 22nd, the Sumner County Republican Party sponsors a forum for candidates for the Republican Party nomination for the United States Congress from the fourth district of Kansas.

Due to a previous speaking engagement, candidate Wink Hartman will not appear at this event.

Doors open at 6:00 pm with the debate starting at 7:00 pm.
The location is Belle Plaine High School, 820 North Merchant Street in Belle Plain. Here’s a Google map of the location. Google says it’s 25 miles and a 33 minute drive from downtown Wichita.


2 responses to “Another Republican Congressional candidate forum”

  1. LBNCC

    Like in WV-Nick Rahall a no show when he is needed to, you know, WORK. Spends time cutting off water to farms in California, WV has lots of water so why care for farmers in other states?

  2. craig

    Anybody that missed last week forum I highly encourage you to attend before these guys get their stump speeches down pat.
    One candidate I’m not going to mention her name, all but endorsed OBAMACARE, and said she could not wait to get Washington so she could create some jobs (somebody should let her know government doesn’t create jobs it kills them with taxation and regulation). She got some BOOOO’s for that one. One thing about it we have a big tent party this year and we saw a little stretching at this forum. She probubly won’t make those mistakes again.

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