Kansas first Congressional district poll released


Although the primary is barely over and the general election is nearly three months away, a poll covering the race for United States Congress from the Kansas first district has already been released.

The candidates for this position include Republican Tim Huelskamp, who is a Kansas Senator and farmer from the southwest Kansas town of Fowler. He won the Republican primary election on August 3rd.

The Democratic Party nominee is Alan Jilka. He did not have an opponent in the primary election. Jilka is a Salina businessman and has served three terms as that north-central Kansas city’s mayor.

The Libertarian Party nominated Jack Warner of Wright, just east of Dodge City.

In the poll, Huelskamp leads with 65 percent of the respondents indicating they would vote for the Republican. Jilka received 23 percent, and Warner received seven percent. Five percent said they were undecided.

Important dates for voters to remember are these:

October 13: Election offices begin mailing advance voting ballots

October 18: Last day to register to vote or change party affiliation for the general election

October 27: Last day for election office to mail advance voting applications

October 29: Last day for election office to mail advance voting ballots

November 2: Election day

Kansas first Congressional district pollKansas first Congressional district poll, August 9, 2010


2 responses to “Kansas first Congressional district poll released”

  1. Anonymous

    Well that’s not unexpected; still looks great.

    You don’t have to declare a party to be elected to the city council or mayor in Salina.

  2. ictator

    Tim Huelskamp is one fiscal conservative who not only talks the talk, but walks the walk too. He’ll be a fine congressman in 2011.

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