President Obama job approval


As President Barack Obama develops a track record, and as people become familiar with his policies and their results, they realize don’t like this man and his policies.


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  1. sue c.

    Yes, and I don’t think cramming through another “stimulus bill” for the Unions yesterday, to the tune of $26 Billion dollars, is not going to help his falling popularity.

    Nancy Pelosi had her lemmings come back from “vaca” to cram this one down on us!

    The Unions will be able to use this money to lobby against the Republicans in ads too for the General. Did anyone know this? Taxpayer money for Democrat ads? Ugh!

    The MSM will continue to “pad” the numbers too, to keep him up in the 40-50% range by polling more Democrats or phrasing the questions in a misleading way. The MSM uses “polls” to function as news items.

    I don’t really think Obama cares if he gets a second term, or if he is popular. For him it is about “transforming” our govt system into a quasi-socialism.

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