Kansas fourth district Congressional campaign finance reports released


Campaign finance reports just released by candidates seeking the Republican Party nomination for United States Congress from the fourth district of Kansas show one candidate largely self-financing a massive spending program, and allegations of another candidate being dependent on financing by PACs and lobbyists are not supported by facts.

The candidates for this nomination and their campaign websites are Wichita businessman Jim Anderson, Wichita businessman Wink Hartman, Wichita businessman Mike Pompeo, Latham engineer Paij Rutschman, and Kansas Senator Jean Schodorf.

Here are the figures reported for the second quarter, the months of April, May, and June, 2010. Anderson’s report was not available as of late Thursday night.

                     Hartman  Pompeo  Rutschman  Schodorf
Contributions         16,062  279,317       80    20,900
Loans to campaign  1,056,600            30,000     7,000
Expenditures         928,385  267,413   24,464    27,712
Cash balance         179,292  444,515    5,616    17,105


First, Hartman spent a lot of money, almost 3.5 times as much as the second-largest spender. My analysis of the campaign’s spending shows $739,110 spent on television advertising for the three months of the second quarter.

Nearly all of Hartman’s expenditures were financed by loans made by the candidate to the campaign. Of the $928,385 spent, only $16,062 (1.7 percent) was paid for by contributions.

Rutschman’s campaign reported a $30,000 loan to the campaign from the candidate.

Earlier this year a great deal of attention was paid to an April 20th fundraiser held in Washington DC on behalf of Mike Pompeo (Big D.C. names host Pompeo fundraiser, May 16, 2010 Wichita Eagle). Analysis of his contributions shows that for the second quarter, which covers the time period of this event, Pompeo received $15,000 in contributions from sources the FEC considers to be political action committees (PACs). This is about five percent of his contributions for the quarter.

There are a handful of contributions from individuals in the Washington DC area, totaling about $7,900, according my analysis. These people may or may not be lobbyists.

In an analysis of first quarter contributions from OpenSecrets.org, Pompeo’s contributions from PACs was three percent of his total contributions for that quarter.

These numbers are important because Pompeo’s opponents — both in the Eagle article and in their campaign advertising — raise the issue of a candidate being a “Washington insider” with extensive ties to PACs and lobbyists.


10 responses to “Kansas fourth district Congressional campaign finance reports released”

  1. Wichitator

    I wish that the Anderson campaign finance figures were included in this article. Anderson is raising Tea Party issues in this race and does so in an articulate and compelling manner. Sadly, it does not appear that he has been able to raise a significant amount of cash for his almost invisible campaign.

    I am appalled at the prospect of a tax ‘n spend statist like Jean Schodorf being nominated for anything. I think that she should return to her government school district job full time and leave the legislature. Sending her to congress would mean that she would cast only one good vote in the next two years: for the Republican alternative as house speaker to Nancy Pelosi. We need a lot more from any member of congress from the 4th district.

    We need a quality member of congress from Kansas. I think that Jim Anderson is by far the best from either of the major parties in this field of candidates. However, I do believe that Mike Pompeo is well qualified too. Pompeo is the only veteran in this field and has worked for imposing term limits on elected officials which is a big plus for me. The odious ads from Hartman in particular and Pompeo’s belated response will help whoever wins the Democrat Party primary. Mr. Hartman’s campaign is the result of the campaign finance legislation that makes it harder for grass roots candidates like Anderson from running and raising cash and promoting the already rich candidate who self-finances like Hartman. While Wink certainly contributes to this community we don’t need a KS congressman with a DUI while driving his Florida tagged car in our state.

  2. Mike


    I’m a little impressed, and a little depressed about our 4th district Republican nominees.
    1. Wink has a lot invested here in Wichita, owning Jimmie’s Egg, his arena, and other businesses.
    2. Pompeo at least talks conservative.
    3. Paij is a good person, probably too nice to be in Washington, but she’s not full of it.
    4. Don’t know a thing about Anderson and we don’t need any new RINO’s in DC. (guess who that comment was for?)
    1. Wink’s adds are kind of BS.
    2. Pompeo seems to be “just another damn Washington Politician”.
    3. Paij doesn’t seem to have enough money to win.
    4. Anderson isn’t well known, so if he IS good, no one will know or vote for him.
    5. Schodorf is just another statist. She’s the reason that I think the KS Republican party needs a run off election for the primaries. We have 3 conservatives, one statist, and one that I don’t know running for the seat. The chances are good that the minority IDEALs (statist) will win the primary. Conservatives in KS have at least a 3 way choice, RINOS don’t.


  3. Dismal Scientist

    Hey Mike, why don’t you find out what Jim Anderson is about? He is the non-statist of all the candidates!

  4. sue c.

    Hartman is outspending his opponents by a huge margin, and has unlimited funds. He may indeed buy this race!

    Hartman is using smear tactics (lies) and the mega bucks to spread them. He even manipulates the other candidates in the race to battle against Pompeo.

    Hartman has ZERO endorsements, and basically ZERO donations. But he is Richie Rich. And he is using Democrat tactics to buy and smear his way to the prize.

    Just what we don’t need in Congress: another lying Millionaire.

  5. Ann H.

    I’m becoming quite conflicted now on who to vote for. I like Anderson the best and definitely want to vote for him. However, all the polls show that despite tea party support, he has no chance of winning. I do NOT want Hartman or Schodorf to win, so should I vote for who I think is second best, Pompeo, who *does* have a chance of winning? I’m torn between voting for who I truly think is best, and being pragmatic and trying to keep a couple others who are worse from winning.

  6. sue c.

    Ann, I had felt the same way. As many of you know from other posts on here, I am a Pompeo supporter. I came to this realization after multiple meetings and debates where all the candidates spoke. I did not make it lightly.

    I had initially supported Anderson, in one-to-one situations he comes across as a nice person, very sincere. But I came to the same conclusion you did about his chances. Even someone high in his campaign told me “Jim is a long shot.”

    So, it seems the race is between Hartman, Pompeo, and Schodorf. As unfair as that may seem: It is the way it is.

    One thing I noticed when Hartman speaks, he doesn’t get really specific about what he plans to push and do in Congress, just rhetoric. He would need a lot of OJT in DC to become an effective legislator.

    Pompeo is pretty specific, he gives very in-depth responses. Sometimes he has to talk so fast in these debates to try and get all his ideas out there! He doesn’t just spout “constitution and fair tax.” He has ideas and plans to help our Country.

    Schodorf is a liberal voting RINO, who really should be in the democrat ticket. But she has the name recognition.

    A vote for Anderson, IMHO, will be a throw away vote. I know people are going to be mad about my saying that. But it is true. Which will probably benefit Schodorf.

    Talk to people in Minnesota who threw away their votes on the third party candidate, taking votes from Coleman and with cheating allowed Franken to win that race. (Rs need 4-5% advantage to guard against Voter Fraud)

    They said at the time they were happy about casting their “protest” vote for the 3rd place guy. But now when I talk to some of them, they wish they could do it over and give it to Coleman.

    Franken’s win gave the Dems the 60th vote in the Senate. Obamacare and all the rest were passed due to this one race.

    Pompeo has the support of Kansans for Life, Club for Growth, the WSU College Republicans and almost all the conservatives in the KS house and senate. Including Peggy Mast, Susan Wagel, and many more.

    He has the skills (military, law, business) that could really help us not only flip the house but halt the growth of government. His “orientation” time in DC will be short. He will be ready to start leading and sponsoring legislation immediately. Unlike some in this race.

    It is hard to get past the fog of the negative ads in this race, but I encourage you to go to the individuals, talk to them, read about them. Feel comfortable with your vote.

    I applaud you for thinking rationally and strategically before casting your vote.

  7. Dismal Scientist

    Ann H. Please vote on principal, not for who you think will “win the race”. That is one of the major problems in this country. Everyone wants to back a “winner” like this is a sporting event! If every person who is now saying “I would vote for Jim Anderson but he has no chance of winning” actually voted for Jim Anderson, Mr. Anderson just might win this election! VOTE ANDERSON!

  8. sue c.

    With 2 weeks and a few days left before the primary, and all polls showing Mr. Anderson at less than 10% consistently, it would take a miracle for him to win this race.

    I hear he may start some commercials. But with such a limited time frame, and no money, how much good will that do now? The advance ballots are already being mailed, and advanced voting starts too.

    Statistically I think his chances are very slim. But, we will see, won’t we, in a couple weeks…

  9. David George

    Regarding Anderson-

    He has doubled his poll numbers in a week, and is coming on strong. He has raised more money in the last two weeks than the other candidates, has started heavily running t.v. and radio ads, and represents the truest conservative choice in the race.

    My suggestion…if you are ready to fight, than join the Anderson Crew and fight for the founding principles.

    Two last points, I recommend that people watch these quick videos. The choice is clear, let’s make it happen and tell everyone you know.

    1) http://anderson4congress.com/blog/2010/07/07/kansas-4th-district-take-a-stand/

    2) http://anderson4congress.com/blog/2010/07/07/term-limits-video/

    3) http://anderson4congress.com/blog/2010/07/09/american-heart/

    1) For term limits??

    2) Another politician!

  10. woody

    Can’t seem to find the names of the $7000 plus donors to Pompao from the july 16 D.C fundraiser. Has anyone seen and if so are there any names connected to the Carlyle Group ? Thanks for any help.

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