Wichita Eagle voter guide available


For the voter guide for the November 2012 elections, click here.

The Wichita Eagle’s voter guide is now available online.

This guide may be used in two ways: you can enter your address, and the system will show you information about the candidates that will appear on your ballot. Or, you can browse all the races and candidates.

If you use the voter guide by entering your address, you’ll be presented with all the candidates for each office that will appear on your ballot. For each office, you can view information about the candidates, and you can optionally indicate who you intend to vote for. At the end of the process, you can print a ballot — with your selections marked — to take with you to the polls. Or, the system will email it to you.

The information in this guide is provided by the candidates (except for a brief description of each office), and there is no editorial comment. Some of this information will probably appear in a printed version of the newspaper, but not for contests like precinct committeeman and committeewoman.


One response to “Wichita Eagle voter guide available”

  1. Ann H.

    Thanks for letting us know, Bob–this is very helpful.

    Do you know much of anything about the Republican Attorney General race? I have not really heard anything about that race. I read a number of posts mentioning Schmidt here, and being Senate Majority leader it will be easy to find out info about him, but I have not heard a thing about his opponent, Ralph J. De Zago. From what I’ve read of Schmidt I don’t really want to support him because of his so-called “moderate” views, but I can’t vote for De Zago without knowing anything about him. Anyway, just a suggestion for a future post…

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