Kansas fourth district Congressional poll released, surprises within


KWCH Television in Wichita and SurveyUSA have released a poll of candidates seeking the Republican Party nomination for United States Congress from the fourth district of Kansas. The poll, conducted July 11th through 13th, shows Wichita businessman Mike Pompeo maintaining a narrow lead over his chief rival, Wichita businessman Wink Hartman.

The support for both of the top two candidates, however, declined as Kansas Senator Jean Schodorf and Wichita businessman Jim Anderson picked up support.

The poll shows Pompeo at 32 percent, Hartman at 31 percent, Schodorf with 16 percent, and Anderson moving up to garner nine percent of the vote. Latham engineer Paij Rutschman registered one percent in her first appearance in a SurveyUSA poll.

Undecided voters were nine percent.

In analyzing the results, SurveyUSA noted that Schodorf has doubled her support over the past three weeks among women and self-described moderate voters. Further, “Today, Schodorf leads among moderates and among the relatively small number of GOP primary voters who oppose the tea party movement, and has effectively tied the front-runners among seniors, pro-choice voters, and those voters who do not own guns. Any outcome remains possible.”

These results are not surprising, as all along Schodorf, with her moderate positions, has set herself apart from the three male candidates, who are all self-described conservatives.

The truly surprising — I think we can safely say shocking — results were on the Democratic party side of this contest. Raj Goyle, whose campaign is expected to report a campaign fund balance of some $1.2 million when reports are filed later today, has fallen behind Robert Tillman. SurveyUSA reports Tillman polling 40 percent, while Goyle registers 36 percent. 24 percent are undecided.

In the same poll three weeks ago, Goyle led Tillman by 42 percent to 32 percent.

In the Democratic poll, SurveyUSA warns that this is “movement which may or may not be statistically significant.” But the fact that Tillman has been registering such a high percentage of support and is now in the lead must be a huge blow to the Goyle campaign.

These results are trouble for Democrats nationally, too. Goyle is one of 26 candidates showcased by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee in its “Red to Blue” initiative.

Goyle started television advertising within the past week. Tillman, on the other hand, recently passed out business cards promoting his campaign, not having even the traditional glossy “palm card” for campaign literature. As of today no website for Tillman can be found, although I have noticed yard signs for his campaign.

Kansas fourth Congressional district poll resultsKansas fourth Congressional district poll results

Update: A Wichita Eagle profile of Tillman is at Tillman running for Congress to support President Obama’s policies. A profile of Goyle is at Goyle pushes bipartisan solutions.


8 responses to “Kansas fourth district Congressional poll released, surprises within”

  1. Dismal Scientist

    It seems to me that Pompeo and Hartman are spending most of their time attacking each other and not addressing the real issues that are facing us today. Anderson and Schodorf are actually talking about the issues. Schodorf should have ran as a Democrat because that is what she is truly. Jim Anderson is the ONLY outsider in this race. The Tea Party candidate is Jim Anderson. The anti-establishment candidate is Jim Anderson.

  2. Sheila

    Schodorf is NOT a moderate! And Raj can forget about it. Jean may now regret her voting for the statewide smoking ban, and Raj probably does too. When you voted against property owners and small business rights in your own community, you stated what kind of Patriot you are! Or possibly you went temporarily insane? Guess that casino and nicotine replacement money is not going as far as you two thought it would?

  3. kimpot54

    Met Mr. Tillman while working on James Barfield’s campaign for city council… very nice man. Unfortunately, today’s Eagle article about him says he supports Obama’s agenda 100%. YIKES!

  4. sue c.

    I noticed the multitude of articles in the Wichita Eagle myself. Made me wonder: was the Eagle trying to hurt him by proclaiming him “100% for Obama agenda?”

    The Eagle barely even mentioned Mr. Tiller, a very nice man, until the Survey USA poll showed him beating the chosen one, Rajeev Goyle.

    Make no mistake Goyle will be a 100% vote for the Obama agenda too, no matter how he tries to deceive us with smooth talk…

  5. Wichitator

    It was sad to see the front page editorial endorsing the 4th district’s “chosen one,” from the Wichita Eagle in Saturday’s newspaper. This absurd claim that Goyle is “non partisan” or “bipartisan” (my copy of that endorsement has gotten pitched already) is laughable.

    The Eagle is a disgrace for running this endorsement masquerading as a “news” article. To the eagle’s slight credit, the writer, D. Lefler acknowledged that Goyle was a former eagle employee and an ACLU attorney.

    They still had the nerve to describe him as a “…conservative…” If he’s a conservative, than so is Nancy Pelosi and Obama.

    If Goyle was really this paragon of nonpartisanship there would have been a couple of quotes from his Republican legislative colleagues describing his nonpartisan accomplishments. There were none.

    Goyle has gone after the evil Phelps family and got the legislature to pass a law trying to stop their nasty funeral pickets. So have the other 164 members of the legislature. I read that the Phelps clan are challenging this in court and knowing how important this is to ACLU types, who also favor obscene cartoons and flag burning, will probably be protected under the 1st Amendment, unlike my ability to donate an amount of cash to favorite candidate that exceeds the state and federal limits. Where does this former ACLU employee’s beliefs really lie.

    What a bizarre country we have become. If Raj Cumar Goyle makes it to Washington so that he can represent KS-4, we will become even more bizarre.

    Goyle’s primary opponent, Mr. Tillman, should complain about this front page endorsement.

    In addition, if either Hartman or Pompeo win the GOP primary, they will have cut each other up so badly that this will give Goyle a leg up for November. Goyle is also sitting on a boatload of cash, most of it coming from out-of-state.

  6. Paul

    Jean Schodorf has time and time again displayed the fact that she is not Conservative. As to answer why Jean is polling above Anderson is; the same as how B.H.Obama was elected.

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  8. I am Robert Tillman and I am seeking Congress for the second time in 2012. Please send your donations right away to Robert Tillman Headquaters, 2802 Beacon HillRoad, Wichita, KS 67220.

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