Kansas jobs since pandemic

Examining the effect of the pandemic on Kansas jobs using industry groups.

These charts show data from January 2019 through January 2021. Data is from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, part of the United States Department of Labor. The industry groupings are as defined by BLS. This data is adjusted for seasonality.

The first chart shows the count of jobs in each industry. The vertical axis is different for each industry. This is useful for seeing how many jobs are in each category. For the interactive versions of the chart, click here. Click charts for larger versions.

The second chart expresses the same data as percent change since January 2019. The vertical scale is the same for each industry. This chart lets us see the relative change in jobs. We can observe the large drop in Leisure and Hospitality followed by a rebound, but not up to the pre-pandemic level. This is an example of the “inverted square root” recovery, named after the shape of the math symbol. Some industries experienced a drop, and then stayed at or near the lower level. Information shows this trend, as well as manufacturing. For the interactive versions of the chart, click here.

The final chart shows the percent change from the previous month, with the same vertical scale for each industry. For the interactive versions of the chart, click here.

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