Kansas news digest


News from alternative media around Kansas for October 26, 2009.

Kansans will have to pay to support health care in states favored by Democrats

(Kansas Liberty) Special treatment and favors pollute health care reform bill: “Senate Democrats have worked in extra provisions to the reform plans that would give their states special advantages, including financial assistance with Medicaid costs, additional Medicare benefits and extra tax breaks for some residents. Republicans point out that these advantages will shift some of the costs of the plan to other states, including Kansas. Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nevada, has been instrumental in adding in extra benefits for himself and for his Democratic colleagues.”

Financial crisis may finally make schools ‘participate in cuts’

(Kansas Liberty) Last week’s meeting centered on discussing possible ways to make additional cuts, and many conservative Republicans are continuing to look at K-12 as a way to decrease state spending. The committee also discussed the possibility of school consolidation to save funds, identifying state agencies that could possibly be scaled back or eliminated, and possibilities for spurring job growth within the state as a way to increase revenues. … Democrats had already started planting the idea that tax increases are necessary.

Flint Hills Changes Name to Kansas Policy Institute

(Kansas Watchdog) “The Flint Hills Center for Public Policy has changed its name to the Kansas Policy Institute. The non-profit, non-partisan organization will continue to pursue the same free market interests under the new name.”

Kansas is Headed for a Budgetary Train Wreck

(Kansas Watchdog) “Educators say K-12 schools need $70 million more in 2010. And the state is expecting a budget shortfall of $500 million or more in 2010 — even without factoring in requests for more spending. One way to help fix the problem might be more honest reporting on the nature of the state’s budgetary woes.”

Labette Community College President reimbursed with tax dollars for political donation

(Kansas Watchdog) “Labette Community College president George Knox donated $500 to the campaign of State Treasurer Dennis McKinney according to a report by KOAM TV. A donation to a political candidate by a private citizen is not unusual, but KOAM TV reported that LCC trustee Mike Howerter questioned the reimbursement claim for the political donation by the college president.”

Letter from the Newsroom: Health Insurance Edition

State of the State Kansas takes a look at health insurance this week, featuring video interviews with Kansas Senator Jim Barnett, Kansas Insurance Commissioner Sandy Praeger, Mary Beth Chambers from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas, and others.


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