Kansas news digest


News from alternative media around Kansas for December 7, 2009.

Deeper K-12 cuts possible — governor and fed. government must approve

(Kansas Liberty) Discussion of Kansas school funding: “Walt Chappell, a Kansas State Board of Education member, also agreed that the state should request the waiver and said he believed that students could easily receive a quality education if school funding were further cut. Chappell said many districts have substantial savings accounts that could be utilized. ‘Since the Montoy decision…the schools have been taking more money from the state than they can spend,’ Chappell told Kansas Liberty.”

Left-wing organization misrepresents local support for ObamaCare

(Kansas Liberty) “Health Care for America NOW, a national coalition supporting the Democrats’ health care proposals, appears to be inaccurately representing the number of supporting organizations it has in Kansas.” Noteworthy is the photograph of Topeka’s ACORN office.

Caught! Man behind curtain isn’t Oz!

(Kansas Liberty) Coverage of the scandal surrounding climate change data.

Parents, grandparents ask why children removed from homes

(Kansas Watchdog) Coverage of the Kansas legislature Joint Committee on Children’s Issues. “About a dozen parents and grandparents appealed directly to state legislators Monday for answers about why the state removed children from their homes, denied adoptions and even placed them in foster homes instead of with grandparents. Lawmakers gave no clear answer.” Video is included.

Related from the same site: Legislators reflect on two days of hearings about children’s issues, with video reaction from several legislators. Also State Sen. Julia Lynn grills SRS Secretary about contracting irregularities: “It just smells bad”.

The Budget That Might Have Been

(Kansas Watchdog) Analysis of the Kansas budget situation.

Letter from the Newsroom — Education Cuts

(State of the State, Kansas) “This week we take a closer look at the impact of recent budget cuts on education.”


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