Kansas Republican senate primary closer


A poll released today by KWCH Television in Wichita and SurveyUSA shows a closer contest for the Republican Party nomination for United States Senate from Kansas between Jerry Moran and Todd Tiahrt.

Moran has 49 percent support, while Tiahrt draws 39 percent. Two other candidates, one having withdrawn, shared five percent of the vote. Only six percent of voters are undecided according to this survey.

The pollster says that compared to two weeks ago, Moran is down one percentage point, and Tiahrt is up three. Tiahrt’s strategy to paint himself as the true conservative appears to be working, at least among conservative voters. Today he leads among conservatives by five percentage points, where two months ago Moran led by 21 percentage points in this group.

The poll notes potential trouble for Moran: “Most ominous for Moran: Among the 17 percent of voters who report they have already cast their ballots, Tiahrt is nominally ahead, 46 percent to 43 percent. Among those who tell SurveyUSA they are likely to vote, but have not yet done so, Moran leads by 13.”

If something were to happen on election day to suppress turnout, that would be bad news for Moran. Temperatures across Kansas are expected to top out at over 100 degrees tomorrow, but with little chance of precipitation or storms.

In this sampling of Republican voters who have either voted or are likely to vote, 63 percent of voters identified themselves as conservative, 29 percent as moderate, and five percent as liberal.

Kansas Republican Senate pollsKansas Republican Senate polls


4 responses to “Kansas Republican senate primary closer”

  1. Patricia Houser

    I find it very difficult to determine ‘if’ a candidate is truly conservative or not. Snake oil salemen exist today in every field. They sell you what they think you want. Do they care if it kills, steals or destroys you and your community? Not at all. They are after your money or in politics…YOUR VOTE. Go past the shiny slick cards…read their voting records. Ask men and women who ‘have’ to work with them….then decide. There is only one conservative in the GOP Senate race in KS and if you choose the wrong man, you gave Kansas and America away.

  2. […] on the eve of the primary election showed Moran with a 10-point lead, the race could actually be closer than that: The pollster says that compared to two weeks ago, Moran is down one percentage point, […]

  3. Real America

    One way to compare their voting records is to go to http://www.clubforgrowth.com

    They list the votes; you do the comparison. In the 5 year comparison I did for myself I found that Tiahrt is more Conservative. My vote is Tiahrt.

  4. Anonymous

    Unfortunately, it still looks like Moran has it. I really don’t know why Tiahrt didn’t just keep running for congress in the 4th and wait for Robertson’s retirement in 4 years. Moran has very strong support here in the 1st; stronger than almost any other current Kansas elected official I can think of, except one.

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