Let representatives know about Chemical Facility Antiterrorism Act


As reported in this website, Congress is considering legislation that threatens to harm the American economy, while at the same time accomplishing little or none of its stated goals.

Articles like Chemical Facility Security Authorization Act threatens American economy give more detail.

It’s important to let your elected representatives in Washington know how harmful this proposed law will be to a vital American industry.

An easy way to let them know is by clicking on this link: Ask Your Legislator to Oppose the Chemical Facility Antiterrorism Act. This will take you to a form where you fill in your name and address. The site will determine who are your representatives and show you the letter it has created. Then, you can choose to have the site send it for you, or you can print it and mail it yourself.

Either way, it’s important to act.


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  1. […] Consider telling your representative in Congress what you think about possible increased government control of the chemical industry through new Homeland Security regulations. Click here to let representatives know about Chemical Facility Antiterrorism Act. […]

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