Martha Coakley’s Convictions


Dorothy Rabinowitz of the Wall Street Journal editorial board retells the horrifying story of the Amirault family of Massachusetts. Martha Coakley is to blame, and is in no way fit to serve in any public office, much less the United States Senate:

Martha Coakley’s Convictions
The role played by the U.S. Senate candidate in a notorious sex case raises questions about her judgment.


3 responses to “Martha Coakley’s Convictions”

  1. Joe Williams

    I heard the story on the Neal Boortz radio show today. Disturbing, yes, but I doubt the vast majority of the voters in Mass. will even know about it or care.

  2. T

    Sadly, her reference to Curt Shilling as a Yankee fan will probably cost her more votes than the Amirault case.

  3. sue

    This is a horrifying example that her political gains outweigh her moral compass.

    Another example, just as egregious, is her allowing the cop who raped his 23 month old niece with a curling iron, to be free on bail. All this because his father donated to the campaign, or some such, and the union ties. This criminal didn’t go to jail until she left the DAs office.

    Her calling Schilling a “yankees fan” and dismissing Fenway Park meets and greets “you want me to stand out in the cold shaking hands at Fenway?” Will not solidify her with the citizenry.

    I read that the Coakley (union-staffed and supported) phone banks are having to reassure those they call that Schilling has NOT been traded to the Yankees…ha ha…

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