Next Democrat Strategy: The October Surprise?


A guest Op-Ed by Sue C.

So far this election cycle Democrat strategies used against Republicans have included demonization, fear mongering, racism accusations, and voting record fabrications. None of which seem to be working well (here), proving that most people distrust not only politicians but also the liberal media. Regardless, we need to be prepared for the next level of attack: The Democrat October Surprise.

I predict that this tactic will be widely used this fall. Expect it to be delivered within days of the election. Timing will be crucial. Democrats will want to ensure that the “surprise” inflicts the most possible damage to their opponent. Truly, Democrats must play this card, because their “accomplishments” since 2008 are so offensive to most Americans they don’t dare run on them.

Not only are the Liberals running away from their records, they are even hiding from their party’s leaders. (See Fewer Democrats Turning To Obama For Campaign Help, Almost all Democratic Senate candidates would welcome Obama , and Barack Obama Tacitly Acknowledges He is Now a Pariah and the Democrats Are Screwed in 2010). Some even choosing to be “out of town” when fundraisers for them are held.

The Washington Examiner recently stated that the Democrat party is “triaging” races. This includes pulling money away from the races they are behind in, and putting up “fire walls” on the salvageable candidates. Here in Kansas, we have seen the Democratic Governors Association pull away funding for Democrat Gubernatorial candidate Tom Holland, who lags in the polls behind Sen. Sam Brownback, the Republican candidate.

Just what could these October surprises against Republican candidates include? It is any one’s guess. Staffers are most likely working overtime to uncover anything they can use to destroy their opponents. They will strike close to election day, when time constraints make it difficult to mount a defense.

To lessen the impact of this mud-slinging, one pundit suggests we “hold a contest to see who comes up with the most creative suggestion for what the Dems might do.” An interesting concept, although it sounds a bit flippant for something so grave.

History has shown the October Surprise to be a serious threat. Its potential for inflicting damage to a Republican candidate must not be ignored. Accomplices in the liberal media will assist in the destruction with biased news coverage.

We must remember that being forewarned allows us to be forearmed. “Be prepared” may be a good motto to adopt. November is coming, but we have to get through October first!


9 responses to “Next Democrat Strategy: The October Surprise?”

  1. Anony Mous

    October surprise? Watch out for a Tea Party/Libertarian surprise!

  2. Anonymous

    The republicrats might give into the dim-o-cants middle class tax hike. Beware of so called republicans too.

  3. Lauren

    November will be here before we know it!!!

  4. Anonymous Mike

    Hi, I suspect that this year’s October Surprise will involve a catastrophe / emergency / etc too important to allow American’s to vote on November 2, 2010. “Never let a good Emergency go to waste” Rahm. We’ll just have to continue with the current Congress for a “while”.

    “Just cause you’re paranoid, don’t mean no one’s out to get you…”

  5. LBN

    Surprise ! Obama goes to jail.

  6. sue c.

    Brace yourselves! The latest Survey USA poll has Pompeo ahead of Goyle by 50-40. This is good news.

    Bad news: the October surprises may be started by the Goyle campaign even sooner! Goyle and the Liberal Media (via Dion Lefler) will start slinging mud any time now…

    This may be a repeat of the Primary, in a way. After a Survey USA poll showed Mike ahead, the mud started flying from the Hartman campaign. Remember? I think they even share the same political consultant.

    Be Prepared.

  7. Anonymous

    October will pass by uneventfully. The Democrats are like the last tsar they see the change coming, but underestimate it, and certainly have no plans to combat it.

  8. Ann H.

    No plans to combat it?!? You can’t be serious. For starters, I think voter fraud/stealing elections is the #1 plan on the list. Who needs to convince people to vote for them when, by various methods, they can control the outcome? Stalin said it’s not important who votes, but who counts the votes.

  9. ictadjitator

    Here’s the October surprise in KS-4:

    Raj Goyle is a former Wichita Eagle employee!!

    Ooops, that’s not the right surprise for leftie Democrat. The announcement is supposed to help and not hurt our “moderate” George Soros/ACLU connected congressional candidate. Eagle employment in the past confirms Goyle’s leftie credentials in the present and that is a November liability.

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