Wichita tax day tea party a success


Yesterday several thousand Wichitans and folks from all over Kansas met on a windswept field to register their discontent with Washington policies.

The crowd heard from some great speakers, some of which you can see at the WichitaLiberty YouTube channel.

Citizens had opinions, too. Common themes of frustration included too much spending, pork-barrel spending, and too much taxes.

Critics of the tea parties wonder why people are protesting against taxes now, just as President Obama is cutting taxes for the middle class. I think that people realize the tax cut is just an illusion. As long as the government keeps spending and creating huge deficits, someone has to pay that bill later on.

As pointed out in the Wall Street Journal article The 2% Illusion: Take everything they earn, and it still won’t be enough, taking all income from the nation’s most successful people won’t be enough to pay for Obama’s spending.

Plus, I believe protesters are worried about all taxes and their effect on the economy, no matter who has to pay them. It’s more than just worrying about one’s own self.

Critics also level charges of “astroturfing” at the tea parties. Astroturf, being fake grass, symbolizes what those on the left think happened: events driven from the top-down instead of the bottom up. Leftist think the tea party protesters are deluded and being used.

I didn’t get that feeling from anyone. Protesters were there with a wide range of opinions. An informal poll by a television reporter reveled that less than half the attendees were Republicans. It’s true that Americans For Prosperity played a large role in organizing the event in Wichita. I’m glad for that, as organizing an event like this takes time and skill.

The crowd was well behaved, but not shy in expressing their displeasure. Rumors that people might attend in order to disrupt or confuse the message didn’t materialize.

When the event ended, someone remarked “This is amazing. People automatically picked up trash and took back their folding chairs.”

More coverage is available at the Voice For Liberty in Wichita.


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  2. Bob thank you for great photos, just excellent event coverage. You are very much appreciated. Thanks from Abilene.

    ps…the website canadafreepress article on the financial crisis, the wizard behind the curtain is an excellent read to educate anyone on how we got to where we are and the government involvement since the 30’s.

  3. You said: The crowd was well behaved, but not shy in expressing their displeasure. Rumors that people might attend in order to disrupt or confuse the message didn’t materialize.

    We had the same thing at our Tea Party in Olympia Washington. I’m so glad our voices were heard. I’m just ignoring the left on this one, they can’t spin this to their advantage no matter how much they try to ridicule us! I’m so glad Witchita had a good Tea Party. I’m still writing up my experiences at my blog but do check it out. I think we have much in common! Keep hammering the left!! We can prevail and restore our nation!! :D

  4. bill

    The astro-turf thing is nonsense. The “astroturf” campaing is what is really astroturf. Its being driven by the top of the Dem party. It came from Rahms group that meets with their media whores every morning.

    They sent out word to all the media to ask questions about it and to make it their ongoing “narrative” as the business calls it. Get something going until the public buys into it.

  5. Eddie

    This tea party and all others like it around the USA were great. I was there passing out DVD’s and the crowd consisted of all types of people from Left wing, Right wing, Republican, Democrat, Conservative and Liberals.
    The mainstream media right off the bat is trying to make this a LEFT-RIGHT thing. The reason for this is simple. DIVIDE and CONQUER. The Romans did this long ago, it’s nothing new. The last thing the Government wants is for all of us to stop fighting about left and right and join together against it. They want us to sit back and say oh well, we will put a republican in next time. Then when it keeps getting worse again… oh well we will try democrat again next time. It is a 1 party system disguised as a 2 party system to keep our eyes off the real issue which is BIG GOVERMENT and the FEDERAL RESERVE MONEY SYSTEM.
    Do not let the media divide us. We all want better for our children and our grand children. If we turn this into a left vs right we will lose half of our numbers and that is what they want.
    Anyway, it was great and we have to keep it up and do not back off now.

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