Sammies Awards celebrate, award liberty


Tonight in Northbrook, Illinois, about 300 people gathered to attend an awards ceremony presented by the Sam Adams Alliance.

The Sam Adams Alliance inspires, trains, and links allies to advance economic and individual liberty through a strategic combination of new media tools and traditional communications.

The Sam Adams Alliance is a “to-do tank” that educates, informs, and empowers citizens about important political issues through a set of new media tools (i.e. Blogs, Facebook, YouTube, Wikipedia) that allow ordinary people to fight big government.

So far awards in three categories have been given.

“Best Microblogger of the Year” award went to Melissa Clouthier of The Woodlands, Texas. Just since November, she has used Twitter to advance the causes of liberty.

Ruth Bendl of Portland, Oregon received the “Voter Watchdog Award.” Her work included digging up records of dead voters in Oregon. According to Bendl, Oregon has sloppy voter registration rules. This is a matter of homeland security, she said. Our adversaries know our weaknesses. It’s not just about stealing elections, it could be a case of stealing our country. She urged citizens to clean up the voter roles nationwide.

Three men won “Wikiteer Awards” for their work on wiki sites that the Sam Adams Alliance sponsors. These sites — Ballotpedia for ballot access issues, Judgepedia for information about judges, and Sunshine Review for government transparency — are important contributions to creating an informed citizenry.


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