Wichita Tea Party, from AFP


Here’s a message from Americans For Prosperity’s Kansas state director Derrick Sontag about the Wichita Tea Party this Friday.

It started with people like you, logging on and signing our petition at NoStimulus.com, and now we have a full-blown grassroots movement on our hands.

One such activist, Nancy Armstrong, supported Hillary Clinton in the 2008 primary and even went on the road, campaigning for the former New York Senator. But while on the campaign trail, Nancy learned more than she anticipated about the Obama campaign. Now she’s joining the fight against the massive deficit spending bill by organizing the Wichita Tea Party, part of the nationwide grassroots movement that’s spreading like wildfire from coast to coast.

Join Nancy at a rally this Friday outside Senator Sam Brownback’s Wichita office:

Wichita Tea Party
11:30 a.m., Friday, Feb. 27
Senator Sam Brownback’s Office ( Farm Credit Bank Building, 245 N. Waco, Wichita)

Let’s help support this cause tomorrow — bring your homemade signs and show your appreciation to Sen. Brownback for opposing this federal bailout bill, and your frustration for this bloated spending bill.

This stimulus package is not only detrimental to our national economy, but it has immediate implications right here in Kansas. Our state faces a $1 billion budget shortfall, and we need budget reform — now. This federal bailout bill for the states will be too much of a temptation for our legislators, who may see this as a way to avoid making those tough budget decisions that come with real and meaningful budget reform.


3 responses to “Wichita Tea Party, from AFP”

  1. Bill

    Walk softly and carry lots of tea bags .
    Be calm,be courteous ,obey orders from the police if given . Socialists can’t stand that .
    I will bring extra tea bags .

  2. Loud and Proud

    Bill, does that mean I should save my anger for my sign? See you there.

  3. Anonymous

    Brownback and Dr. Coyler are out of touch with reality. Dr. Colyer is prey for malpractice lawsuits as a Lt Governor practicing medicine. He does not have sovereign immunity as a practicing physician. Lt Governors only make less than $32,000.00 a year, so Dr. Colyer will keep practicing. Dr Colyer is not knowledgeable about health care. He is simply nothing but a doctor that could not make it in the real world and can now be sued implicating the governor. What was Brownback thing of, Pastor Mark Holick? It is embarrassing when others turn Brownback down for LT governor. So, Brownback had to pick from the bottom of the barrel. It would be embarrassing for the Lt Governor and Sam Brownback to be in court on a malpractice lawsuit. Attorneys are really smiling because there is big money to be made at taxpayer’s expense. Brownback has displayed stupidly throughout his career especially voting for the deaths of Kansans by voting to enter the Iraq war and wrecking our economy. This race is between the Rich vs. the poor. If the poor vote, Brownback loses. The rich have been making money off the poor for centuries. It is now time to chance the spin of the wheel. We do not need the rich to lead the poor. The poor and middle class can take care of themselves. We do not need Brownback to lie to Kansans anymore with false promises because he wants s to stay rich. His doctor friend is a wreck waiting to happen. The question, are we going to have a Rich Governor or a poor Governor who understands for the people of Kansas. Joan Heffington is for the poor and middle class by eliminating personal property tax on your home after the age of 65. We the people shall make that choice come August 3, 2010.
    Governor who?

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