Area Residents Plan Wichita Tea Party


Grassroots movement sweeps into Wichita with anti-stimulus rally

WICHITA — Grassroots activists in Wichita will rally outside Sen. Sam Brownback’s office on Friday, to show their appreciation to the senator for opposing the federal stimulus bill, and to demonstrate their frustration with big government spending.

Nancy Armstrong, Garden Plain, organized the rally at 11:30 a.m. Friday, Feb. 27 outside Sen. Sam Brownback’s office (245 N. Waco, Wichita).

Sen. Brownback voted against the federal bailout bill. Armstrong said Friday’s rally is intended to thank the Senator for standing in opposition to this bill, but also to let everyday Kansans vent their frustration with the current spending in Congress.

Armstrong previously worked for the 2008 presidential campaign for Hillary Clinton, but has since devoted her efforts to opposing the big-government, liberal schemes put forth by Congress and the Obama Administration.

“The powers in Washington are out of touch with the American people,” said Armstrong. “But Americans taxpayers are not going to take all of this spending lying down.

“We’ll keep reminding our elected officials that we’re not happy with this ‘porkulus’ bill, and we’ll certainly remember this in the 2010 elections.”

The Wichita Tea Party will be held simultaneously with local tea parties nationwide as part of a growing nationwide movement allowing everyday citizens to voice their opposition to the federal stimulus package.

For more information, contact Nancy Armstrong at 316-990-6009 or


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