Wichita Tea Party Planned for Tax Day, April 15

Bailouts, stimulus, pork.

It’s never enough.
It’s never over.
There’s no end in sight.

Tell Washington that enough is enough!

We’ll be protesting near the main Wichita post office on West Harry Street, north of the airport.

There will be food and drinks, with a small donation requested.

The time is from 4:15 pm to 8:00 pm. Come and go as you please.

Bring your homemade signs.

You can see a Google map of the location by clicking here.

Please register for the event by clicking here. Registration helps the organizers estimate the need for food and drink.


  • I had the best time yesterday. It was so refreshing after my few bad days….you guys really helped me today to diffuse my anger at Obama’s treatment of disabled veterans. I can’t wait for April 15th so much fun yet to come!


  • Please let me know what I can do besides the Tea Parties. I want to get really involved. I get madder everry day. Thanks

  • Think about it . . . if everyone gets in the wagon, who’s going to push ? We need to return to sound principals, morality, and ethics, we can’t throw our country away! Get involved.

  • I urge all bloggers herein to look at something interesting about taxes, IRS, and the Federal Reserve.

    Question: Why is the Federal Reserve owned by private banks? Why is money not printed by a US owned institution as was originally planned in the US constitution?

    Question: How did the 1913 Federal Reserve Act remove the power of government to print America’s own paper money?

    Question: How is it that the Rothschilds’ Banking Companies spread throughout Europe, and how did they come to own the US Federal Reserve?

    Question: Was the 16th Amendment of the Constitution ratified properly ratified by the states?

  • It is also time to stand against abortion in Wichita and the nation. Surely it is easy to understand God is not pleased with our nation, or are we so blind that we no longer believe in God. BO says we are not a Christian nation, he is a poor historian and many Americans have forgotten as well.

  • The Wichita post Office at the airport is NOT the post office with extended business hours on tax day. It closes a 5:00 and individuals will not be going there to mail there taxes after hours.

  • My mom has been a KS school teacher for over 30 years, and I thank God every day that she decided to teach in a private school that is not dependent on state money. Through the school’s own enrolled families over the last twenty years we have raised three million dollars and are breaking ground for a new school and church in a few days. I do have other family who work for Wichita school district and are very concerned about their jobs. Not to mention some in aircraft who have already been severely affected by those layoffs. If you teach in the public school district and work in aircraft or worked in aircraft please know you are in my prayers every day.

  • Why did I give $23,000 to charity this past year & just write another check (beyond what was taken out of my check all year) for $2,300 to Federal? Wow – that’s every dime we have in checking & savings & we haven’t done state yet….I’m tired (from commuting & working) – but must keep going. This is the first year I’ve felt enough is enough so far as taxes!

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