Physics for future presidents is for all of us


In the most unlikely of all cities, at the most unlikely of all universities, Richard A. Muller tries to a inject a dose of sanity into science, especially the debate over climate change.

“Surrounded by tree-hugging academics at UC Berkeley, he dares to argue that coal and nuclear fission are good sources of energy.”

The Forbes Magazine article A Berkeley professor dares to debunk the popular wisdom about the future of energy reports, and it’s essential reading. It explains his criticism of Al Gore and the New York Times’ Tom Friedman.

The website supporting the Muller’s popular class Physics for future Presidents includes podcasts of lectures, and the complete chapter on climate change from the textbook. This easy-to-read-chapter presents a reasonable and balanced view of the science and some of the politics and economics of climate change.

Global warming alarmists say that those who don’t agree with their doomsday scenarios are denying science. It turns out, however, that not all scientists agree, especially with the recommendations that will destroy our standard of living in America.


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