Municipal stormwater regulation on White House agenda


Some scoff at those who raise warnings about overreaching federal regulation. But even though the national economy is suffering and we are drowning in debt, the administration of President Barack Obama can find time to meddle in the regulation of municipal stormwater.

Following is an email from NACo, the National Association of Counties, to county commissioners, presumably across the nation. The email, which presumes that “green” stormwater management practices are most desirable, asks for suggestions from commissioners to present at a national conference on the topic, hosted by the White House.

The agenda for the conference is White House Conference Municipal Stormwater Infrastructure: Going From Grey to Green. Following is the email commissioners received.

From: Julie Ufner []
Subject: Green Infrastructure Information Request

Next week, I will be representing NACo at the White House’s Stormwater Infrastrucutre [sic] event. The White House asked participants to be prepared to discuss the questions below. If you have any comments or responses to the questions, please feel free to forward those responses no later than COB on Wednesday, September 19th.

1. What do you see as the most significant barriers to the wider use of green infrastructure practices to manage municipal stormwater?

2. What steps should federal agencies, communities, or others take to promote the use of green infrastructure practices in municipal stormwater management?

3. Are there specific infrastructure practices, or categories of practices, that you believe are most effective, provide the greatest benefits, or are most easily implemented?

4. Are there funding strategies for municipal green infrastructure that you have employed and would recommend?

Thank you in advance for any comments you may have.

Julie Ufner
Associate Legislative Director
Environment, Energy and Land Use
National Association of Counties


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