If you can’t get a cop in Wichita


It could be that the officers are busy protecting the city from the illegal playing of poker.

This is an area ripe for reform. Why is playing poker for money on east Kellogg illegal? At one time the state thought it had to protect us from gambling because it was sinful. That argument has faded as states across the nation have sanctioned casinos. Kansas is unique — at least at the time of the start of non-Indian casino gambling in the state — in that the casinos are actually owned by the state.

So if the state of Kansas owns casinos, and if the state profits from casinos, how can the state object to gambling on any moral ground? It can’t. Whatever the merits of the arguments against gambling, the state discarded them in exchange for money. Now the state continues to prohibit non-casino gambling because it is competition to Kansas state sanctioned gambling.

See KWCH News: Seven arrested following investigation at SE Wichita poker room.


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  1. Jeremy

    Hypocrites…. what a waste of tax dollars to go after people who are doing nothing but spending their own money the way they want to spend it. Police cracking down on poker rooms “all the sudden” is a waste of everyone’s time and resources that should be better spent on other more important issues… like not wearing seat belts, or speeding, or illegal DUI checkpoints. Oh wait, those also waste everyone’s time and resources.

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