Karl Peterjohn, Lobbyist and Advocate for Kansans

Karl Peterjohn, candidate for Sedgwick County Commission, is being criticized by his opponent for being a paid lobbyist. It’s a timely slur, as lobbyists are never popular. Lobbying legislators and testifying at the state house is a form of speech that is protected by the First Amendment. Advocacy is one of the ways that people make their wishes known to their elected representatives.

So lobbying, or advocacy, is in and of itself, is not necessarily bad. It depends on who the client is, and what it is the advocacy wants government to do.

Who are Karl’s clients? What does he lobby government to do?

Here’s the mission statement of the Kansas Taxpayers Network, Karl’s employer for the past 15 years:

“Our mission is to represent Kansas taxpayers at the state and local level by advocating limited taxes and government spending to create a free market environment.”

“I have been honored and privileged to be an advocate for Kansas taxpayers at the statehouse for over 15 years,” said Peterjohn.

Karl Peterjohn: taxpayer advocate for the people.

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