City Council divvies up tax dollars for the arts


A Wichita Eagle news story today tells how City Council divvies up tax dollars for the arts.

Can you imagine sitting through these meetings with people like Joan Cole and other members of the Arts Council as they decide who gets — and who doesn’t get — government largesse?

I imagine that these people actually think they have a heightened vision of what Wichitans should experience for their art and culture.

Why not let ordinary Wichitans decide what they prefer for arts and culture? Why not let the people decide which institutions they want to support, and to what extent?

As I explain in the post Government Art in Wichita: “Is this not a sterling example of an oxymoron? Must government weasel its way into every aspect of our lives?”


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  1. I think they City sets up 1% of its budget to the arts. I know they do this with Transportation projects, but I’m not for sure if this is what they do to the total budget.

    About not having tax payers fund art projects, I am currently working on a monument project dedicated to have it 100% totally funded voluntarily without taxpayers funds. With the exception of donated or $1 lease land from the city. But nothing more than that.

    It’s called the Peerless Tower.

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